Visits from Delhi: Eating Out in Hyderabad

A family wedding took me to this beautiful city, rich in its heritage and culture. Around two hours of flight time from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, The thing that strikes you once you come out of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport of Hyderabad is the flyover connecting the airport to the city, a flyover which is around 11.8km long, and one of the longest I travelled in India.

We stayed two nights at Courtyard Marriott, two nights at a guesthouse, and a final night at Secunderabad Club, and the highlight of the tour was the gastronomically delightful food we tasted. Some of them were delicious and some so very different from what we eat at home.

What we ate:

If I had to recount the best food of the trip, then the first thing that comes to my mind is the delightful breakfast spread at Okra restaurant of Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre. The poolside restaurant offers some of the best spreads in the city, with the food ranging from typical South Indian specialities to Continental cuisines, with an alcove specially dedicated to the health food enthusiasts.

Another restaurant I loved is of course the famed Paradise, in Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad. We had ordered a Paradise Special Biriyani, made with both chicken and mutton pieces, which comes along with Rita, and Mirchi Ka Salan. Not only this was much for three of us to eat, we had to take the rest packed for home. We ended the dinner with most yummy Qubani ka Meetha (stewed apricots served with a dollop of ice cream). And if your stomach can accept more, try out the delicious Double Ka Meetha as well.

IMG-20121227-00282  IMG-20121229-00294

Qubani ka meetha

We have also visited the Raelseema Ruchulu restaurant in Jubilee Hills, to try out the typical Andhra cuisine. If you are visiting the place, remember, even the food with the least of the spices will bring tears to your eyes. We had tried out the authentic Kodi Kheema Igoru (Chicken mince curry), with Annam (steamed rice), and Alugadda Tomato Kura ( a gravy of potato and tomato), and had to swallow it down with bottles of water and dahi (curd).

Things to Do:

If you are Hyderabad, some of the most interesting places you must visit are of course the Charminar; the Golkunda Fort (do catch the light and sound show there as well), the Teenmahalla Palace (a onetime residence of the Nizams); and the Salar Jung Museum.

City of Hyderabad from Golkonda Fort Terrace

Golkunda Fort at dusk

Buddha statue on Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Skyline


Chowmahalla Palace

Beautiful chandeliers at the palace

Things to buy in Hyderabad:

Of course pearls, in strings, or in jewellery, they come in all sizes, and colours, and are best bought from Andhra Pradesh government approved shops.

Pearls from the city

Try out the bangles bazaar below Charminar too, if you love coloured glass bangles to adorn your wrists.

Bangle market below Charminar

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