Why Giving Back Makes You Feel Wonderful, and Why You Should Try

100s of tiny hands picking up the pencil, 100s of minds racing to capture the myriad thoughts flashing across through, and 10s of white sheets struggling to keep up with pencil strokes, colours spreading, and erasers rubbing. and I thought it was just a simple painiting competition we need to organize, as part of Intuit India‘s We Care and Give Back  programme.

How wrong could I be!! It was so much more. For the 130 students of a government school in a village in India, it was imagination given wings, it was one chance to build a reputation in front of peers, and an opportunity to impress the world with their talents, manners, and everything they have.

So we decided to set the stage, and let the little ones let their imaginations do all the talking:

And we watched as the lines flow from blank canvases to shaping up an imaginary world:

And watched proudly, as the colours flowed in to fill the empty spaces:

And the imagination ran amok:

Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer

So we had an impromptu talent show as well:

And one can literally feel the excitement when little hearst held their breaths for the annoucement of results:

So who won? Do we care? Not us, when everyone’s a winner, clearly. These happy faces are our rewards:

And we had some awesome treasures:

WCGB School Visit_2015

Sometimes we go to do something tiny, and the event changes you in unparallel ways. When we live in our comfortable world, and take everything for granted, then comes a time when a small incident changes everything. That’s what giving back to the society does to you. We think we are doing a favour, but we land up being favoured instead. We go thinking we are sharing a blessing, and come back feeling blessed. Today was one such day. I am feeling the blessings all around me.

Next time you have a chance to give back something to the society, try it. It’s guaranteed to lift your spirits, may be forever.

PS: A big thank you to our rocking Team Intuit India (Gurgaon) and NGO, Connecting Dreams. Stay blessed.

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