My Restaurant Review in Delhi: V Spot Cafe + Bar in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.

Thanks to BlogAdda, last night I had a good time with my hubby at the Gurgaon’s V Spot Cafe + Bar.

As far as the location goes, the restaurant, located on the terrace of Crossrroad Mall in DLF Phase IV of Gurgaon, is a little difficult to locate if you are not a Gurgaon local, but the next door location of the galleria market is a good landmark for identification.

We went on a Sunday evening, and the place bore a little deserted look, although a little into the evening, and the crowd was trickling in. With huge TV and a Foosball gaming table, the place is ideal for the young corporate crowd, looking for an after-work watering hole to relax and end the day with a fun evening. At around seven on a weekend evening, the place seemed popular with twenty somethings on a night out, and even for older couple like us, it was very relaxing atmosphere to enjoy good company and conversation.

The ambience was one of a fun place, and the place offers both indoor and outdoor seating, with outdoor seats on the terrace mostly populated with smokers. Being a non-smoker, I always prefer a distinct non-smoking area to dine in, and this place offered me an indoor section to dine in away from the smoke, which I liked.

The menu itself was also quite fun. The cuisine on offer is a mix of Italian, Mexican and Lebanese, as well as some Indian delicacies thrown in, with an exciting bar menu as well. I loved the food menu, where a Kung Fu Chicken nestles warmly with Paneer Shahlik, and Chaat fries; ubiquitous Indian Khichdi finds a place with Bacon Wrapped Chicken, and Lasagna Al Ragu; and the most entertaining of the menu items: Metthi Murg Maggi, and Maggi Arabiatta.

I loved my Margarita cocktail, and over the drinks, we tasted Bali Fish Satay with an amazing Satay sauce, which was the highlight of the day.

Bali Fish Satey

I also happily tucked in my vegetarian Snack Harem Platter, while my hubby tasted a Tandoori Chicken Wrap with a beer, and a Chicken Shawarma Pizza. Yes, you read it correct, it’s indeed a thin crust pizza with Chicken Shwarma pieces, which we got it home packed, and my daughter says, it tastes terrific.

Snack Harem Platter

Tandoori Chicken Wrap

So what’s my take-away? Well, for a bill of INR1600 for a couple, it was good value for money, and yes, I could have ordered less and lowered my bill by a couple of hundreds, since I got a pizza packed for my daughter. Oh yes, one thing I can’t help noticing, the food takes a while to reach the table, even when the restaurant is not even half packed. Slow service, or quality control, you decide.

And the takeaway pack

So for Gurgaon standards, this is not too expensive, especially if you are young, footloose and fancy free. This is the ideal place to chat with friends, go out for a cool time with your girlfriend/boyfriend, but yes, this is certainly not the place where you’d like to go on a romantic date.

This place aims to offer fun and that’s certainly what it does.  I will rate it 3.5 out of 5.


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