Movie Review: Talwar, the sword of truth

First things first, it’s good, almost like watching a BBC documentary. Riveting, chilling, and rapidly swinging from one end to another, yes, in spite of most of knowing almost everything about the real life incident it is based on. Now, that’s really something, considering the way the incident got reported on the media.

It’s also hugely scary if you are parenting a teen daughter. The coldbloodedness of the killers have left me with nightmares. The movie is almost ruthless in trying to be as impartial as possible, thus creating quite a few cringe worthy scenes.

As for the actors, it’s an out and out Irfann Khan movie with others merely playing supportive roles. Although Tabu and Konkana were good, as usual, they were kind of wasted in such small roles.
Only one thing that could have been done without: songs. For a fast paced movie as this one, of crime, investigation and truth, songs looks pretentious. While I liked the song, Zinda, sung by Rekha Bharadwaj, I wish this was not a part of the movie. The songs slackened the pace.

Overall, this movie will set you thinking. Rating it a 4* out of 5*. Good job Meghna Gulzar! Loved the way this movie had the stamp of vintage Vishaal Bharadwaj as well.

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