Food Walk in Old Delhi

Have you ever tried walking on the streets of Old Delhi? If you haven’t, check it out sometime. Beyond the metro station of Chowri Bazaar, lies a Delhi that is so unique that it will take your breadth away.

On a rain -soaked afternoon, we were at Chowri Baazar, braving wettest of Delhi monsoon to try out our first food walk with Delhi by Foot.


Monsoon drenched Chandni Chowk in Delhi

How to Reach
Well, this is a Delhi metro station after all, so we’ll connected through the metro railways. We always prefer parking our vehicles at the multilevel parking on Kharag Singh Marg near Cannought Place, and then take the metro. A word of advice, taking your car to the place is not advisable.

What We Did

We walked through the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk in a motley group of 20 odd people, for next 5 hours, stopping and sampling a variety of food that were sheer gastronomical delight.


Street food vendor frying potatoes for Aloo Tiki.

From mouthwatering Khulle Aam Chaat, and Aloo Tiki  Chaat to Fried Fish and Butter Chicken, there’s something amazing about food from the small eateries of this area that will haunt you with their tastes. And there’s no time like the holy month of Ramzan to sample this cuisine.


Bubbling hot oil in wok for frying chicken. Location: Old Delhi

Tiny lanes and crowded shops bursting with food on display and being cooked, that’s the sight that greets you as you meander across the Chandni Chowk area during Ramadan time. image


This place is dream for non-vegetarians, from fried chicken to fried fish, from Nihari and Paya, to Roomali Rotis, and Kababs, even small samplers are good to keep you filled and yet hungry for more.



Ramazan is a month of prayer, and of sacrifice, for the Muslims across the world, and in the evening, when the break the fast, or roja, with a feast, it’s a sheer delight to be  a part of the festivities.


A festively decorated inner street in Chandni Chowk, Delhi, for Ramzan month

The best part about the walk was the sharing of food with hundreds of people sitting down to eat inside Jama Masjid for breaking their fast, or the iftar ceremony. That is one memorable event I am unlikely to forget anytime soon.

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