Living in Delhi, Is Saree Really Dead?

Is Saree so dead amongst Indian women,  especially the fashionable ones? It caught my attention when I read a Huffpost blog by Purba Ray, titled An Obituary For The Dear Departed Sari.

Out of curiosity I shared the post on my Facebook page, with friends who at one time had shared my love for this amazing garment. Theirs answers made me feel proud. Here’s what some of these lovely ladies said in defence of the garment:

DB: Me…a big fan of the six yard drape too, Moumita Basu 🙂 And, no..mine are not collecting dust at all. On the contrary new ones are happily being added because there are so many occasions to wear them. Out here (in US), we seem to be embracing the saree with a newfound love. Many of our friends are making a living out of selling sarees to the immigrant society. Last weekend, when temps were subzero , Bong women still showed up in sarees at a cultural event. Interesting times we live in 🙂

DC: It’s (a saree) a much loved thing here  in the US irrespective of the weather at almost any social gathering and cultural event, and I who would not be able to drape it at all, am frequently  wearing a saree on all festive occasions. And quite enjoying it too.

SS: You have another big fan writing here now :D. LOVE saree and yes both old & new get their turns. Honestly every time I wear one, makes me happy and excited the way it made me feel during those school days when I used to wear Ma’s saree during Laxmi & Saraswati Puja. Once upon a time when I was teaching in South Point (a school in Kolkata), I used to borrow many of Ma’s elegant collections and travel north to south without complaints. That was another era.. more than a decade back :).

Made me wonder if this love for saree is a expat thing, until I heard from another of my friend, this time from Bangalore:

NR: Disagree with the article… I love this drape and I wear my sarees a lot… given half a chance, I wear them even for a dinner invite to a friend’s place. In fact see quite a few in my social circle also doing the same. Yes, like my mom, don’t wear it all the time …but too soon to say that the sari obituary is being written.

So I guess Ray is wrong in writing the obituary for this quintessential Indian garment a bit too soon, although I must say that in the demography she referred to, Delhi NCR, it holds true. This city is sadly seeing less and less young women flaunt this lovely drape, as agreed by my friend DC: Yup, while in Gurgaon I hardly ever wore the saree;)

I love my saree,  may be because I am a Bengali, and we are, by custom, have a forever love affair with the garment, but I guess this is also because it is the most stylish and beautiful garment I have ever seen on a woman. Well, can it be that it has got a wee bit to do with the fact that I get most compliments when I wear one?

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