How Green Is My City

Staying in Dwarka, Delhi, has its advantages. The most important of which is the greenery you get to see. Actually, speaking of greenery, Delhi, I feel has still maintained possibly a distinction amongst Indian cities, which is the city’s green cover being the maximum in comparison to others.

Flowers in my neighbourhood

I love greenery around me; the breath of fresh air these trees bring to my days is something I look forward to. I remember the time when we had shifted to our residential colony, four years back. The place was as barren as a desert, with only the houses sitting amidst the dust. Today it astonishes me to see the efforts put in by my neighbors in making a barren area into a flourishing place.


Flowers in front of my house

Dwarka offers loads of open spaces, which still have a lot of green cover. That, when is coupled with broad roads, and pockets of commercial spaces, makes for an amazing incentive for me to continue staying in this wonderfully thriving neighborhood of Delhi. In fact a whole lot of people staying in other places of the city have often asked me why I have continued to stay in this neighborhood when the area is way away from the city center or some of the most happening parts of Delhi. The reason I continue to stay here is the perhaps the simple fact that I love it here. The serenity of the place makes it different from the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, and yet it is an important part of the city, well connected to the other parts with the DMRC metro; is located next to the airport; and is even served by the exclusive Airport Express metro line, connecting the city railway center with the airport.

Metro Station in Dwarka
Pic Courtesy: Flickr (nadircruise)

And I love the Dwarka Sports Complex maintained by DDA. Huge, clean and green, the place offers amazing choice of sporting activities to the enthusiasts, and the evenings see its car park full and queues formed at the tennis and badminton courts, and at the swimming pool. Children love the cricket field and the basketball court, and elders energetically take to the jogging tracks. I seriously think that my fun of staying in Dwarka wouldn’t have been half as much if I didn’t get to use the Sports Complex all this time.

DDA Sports Complex, Dwarka
Pic Courtesy:

In our colony, I guess we have become quite responsible citizens, getting our domestic helps’ identities verified by police, planting trees and maintaining lawns and gardens, and getting the friendly neighborhood dogs vaccinated and sterilized. Yes, enjoyment does come hand in hand with responsibility, something this city has taught me. So as the popular advert says, ‘I’m loving it’.

Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.’ – Aldo Leopold

2 thoughts on “How Green Is My City

  1. Hello Maumita,

    Nice post !!

    It would be more good if Terrace Farming or Terrace Vegetable Farming too is added Coz it helps you become self sufficient to a great extent and would be a blessing these days coz of the unstoppable price rise !


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