Madras Cafe, a date with a page from history

Dates are best remembered as an aftertaste. Even the bad ones. And the best ones keep you churning them over in your minds long after they are over. John Abraham’s second production all venture is like a great date, you just can’t stop thinking about it.

First things first, to make a movie on our ex-PM’s assassination takes a huge amount of courage, especially if the family is still politically active, if you are staying in India. As a producer, John Abraham, you have bowled me over. Superb storytelling, gripping suspense and a thrilling ending, even when you know what’s coming, makes this movie the one to go in Bollywood history as the one who dared.

Amazing acting by John as the army major trying to make sense of the volatile Srilankan civil war, and yet fulfil his mission as a part of India’s man of need. To be honest, I was never a fan of John, but this time he caught me by a surprise. Other supporting casts, such as Ajay Ratnam, and surprise, Siddharth Basu, ably supported by female leads including a de-glamourised Nargis Fakri, too played their roles to perfection to bring out the nuances of the characters. As for the director, Shoojit Sarkar, hats off. The combination of this director-producer duo is deadly, coming up with their second trump card, after the hilariously realistic Vicky Donor.


The story deftly moves in and out of fact and fiction, and at times it will be difficult for one to realise where fact ends, and fiction starts. Some of the action sequences truly put this movie in the league of the world cinema, especially the opening shot of Srilankan civil war, and superbly crafted final culminating moment of the ex-PM’s assasination.

For all those who wanted an intellectual stimulation after #ChennaiExpress, this one’s for you. Happy to allot 4.5/5


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