19 Year Old Stunt Biker Shot in Delhi

This news has been disturbing me since I read about it yesterday. Check the news here: Stunt biker killed, another injured in firing by Delhi cops

It’s not that I am fond of these reckless youngsters who flaunt every single traffic rule in the book, and care two-hoots for anybody, fellow drivers or pedestrians, who happen to be on their way. Quite a few times I have noticed these people flaunting their arrogance and skills on the roads of Delhi, especially at night, and honestly speaking, as a citizen of the capital, I do feel a little scared too, even if I am not driving.

Stunt Bikers

And yet, as a parent of a 12-year old, I shudder at the way the administration had taken a stand against such activities, which are nuisance, at its best, and safety hazard at the worst, but is it really a crime which deserves a bullet to be aimed and fired?  I always felt administrations have loads of ways to deter lawbreakers, without restoring to killing, or shooting for that matter, but looks like I am wrong.

Safety in Delhi has always been an issue, what with increasing number of crimes against women, and rising number of road accidents from reckless driving. Every day while we try to eke out a living in the city and forget about the dangers lurking just around the corner, news like this shatters the cocoon of complacency we wear around us.

Apparently these bikers pull up such stunts quite regularly in the main roads of New Delhi, near India Gate, often ignoring police warnings, and this time had pelted stones too on police vehicles, almost challenging the administration to do something drastic to stop them. The police reacted by firing at them, aiming to shoot at the rear tyres.

The incident reminds me of the story in Mahabharata, where the greatest archer, Prince Arjun had to aim at the eye of a fish, hanged over a rotating wheel, and he had to aim at the target looking at the image of the target on a bowl of water kept below it (Draupadi’s Marriage to the Pandavas). Only an archer of caliber of Arjun could do it. Did our administration have an Arjun amongst them? Next time, I hope they do, so that lives are saved with efficiency.

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