Acid Attacks on Women in India: What I Can’t Have I Will Destroy

Jilted lovers, jealous colleagues, and controlling husbands who feel that what I can’t have, I will destroy, are the reasons why some beautiful, intelligent young women have their faces disfigured, lives destroyed and confidence shattered! They are acid-attack victims in India.

For last couple of days I have been reading these news articles about the victims:

Don’t turn away, fight for us: Acid attack survivor

My husband attacked me and committed suicide

 I was seen only as a commodity: acid attack survivor Haseena Hussain

This bothers me a lot, the fact that acid is so readily available, that you can destroy someone totally, and still have a good life yourself, that as a society we will happily turn a blind eye to something or someone who is no longer beautiful and forget all about her, as if she never existed!


 Yes, we had recently amended an Indian Penal Code (IPC) section to now include acid attack as a standalone offence, with the perpetrators likely to get a minimum imprisonment of ten years, which may be extended up to imprisonment for life and fine. It’s a victory of sorts to all these women fighting for their lives. The honourable Supreme Court of India too has passed a judgement banning over-the-counter sale of acids to people without identification. But somehow these all sound to me too much into the future, as it will take time to implement so many of these.

What is worrying are these women who are suffering now, the 20 some-things, alone, hurt, and disfigured with huge medical bills, and almost nil income, and entire lives to lead. Rehabilitation of an acid-attack victim is currently a bleak scenario. With the kind of governance we have, and a society which is largely apathetic to people with such debilitating lifestyle, it’s mostly the NGOs (non-profits) who are working with these people, to fight for their rights.  To have a deranged human being do such atrocities on you, to have your friends shun you, and society forget you, and then to keep fighting the system for recognition, justice and some help, I am amazed at their courage.

What can I do for them? For starters, I am writing this, to raise awareness against such a heinous act, and I have also signed an online petition at, to ask our government to help these victims with their medical expenses and to provide them with a way to earn their livelihood.

Check my petition here: Sign petition, support acid attack victims.


6 thoughts on “Acid Attacks on Women in India: What I Can’t Have I Will Destroy

  1. I applaud your effort. It is necessary to bring about reform for the benefit of victims because our society is too blinded to see their plight.


  2. Moumitta it is a shame that how people can be so negative in their thought process. At times it is beyond my understanding. Good luck with writing lady!


  3. In India the main issue is the delay in delivering justice.
    Women are seen as a 2nd class citizens .
    This can be determined by the rights and honor they receive from family and public.
    Rapes ,acid attacks , dowry all go back to women who are victims.
    All these stats show how safe the country is for women.
    Laws exist to bring down crime rates and if its not effective it simply means the country , laws and politicians have all equally failed.


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