Ma, Yes, You Can Say I Told You So

Yesterday morning, when my 12-year old flew alone for the first time, I remembered your words, ‘Mayer mon’ (roughly translated from Bengali, the attitude of the moms). You used to describe all your panics, fears and tensions with these two words, when I used to get exasperated with you being overly cautious with me. You still say these, I know.

But yesterday, when I was getting scared and imagining all sorts of what-ifs for my child, I remembered you. Not that I don’t remember you otherwise, I know we speak to each other at least once a day. But even then, there are some things, I guess stay with you for a lifetime, these profound words of yours are such an example.

I still remember the times when I tested possibly all your patience with my bohemian attitude and my sense of independence with late nights, bunking classes, and many other parental nightmares. That time I thought I knew the best, and you were, I was convinced, becoming anxious for nothing. All those times, you had simply explained yourself by saying, ‘Mayer mon’.

Mom and me

Life has a habit of turning a full circle, so here I am, after a bout of biting my nails, and clenching of stomach, letting my child travel alone,  and trying to console myself by saying, ‘Mayer mon’! Today I am at that stage of my parenting role when you seem so correct, it was just that we had different points of view.

I guess we never become anything other than mother and daughter, no matter how old we grow, or how mature. I learnt everything I have from you, and I am still learning, even as I became a mother myself. So thank you Mom, you can now go ahead and say, ‘I told you so’.

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4 thoughts on “Ma, Yes, You Can Say I Told You So

    • Hi crazyambivert,

      I am yet to show this to my mom, as she doesn’t access computers much, if at all. So I guess, this will have to wait until I am there with her. But yes, I intend to do so, otherwise how will she know? 🙂


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