In Delhi’s Circles

I always knew that people in cities of India like to show off their wealth, but I guess I missed the immensity of it, until I came to Delhi. Since then I am forever stricken by the blatant show of money that happens in the Delhi circle of people.

I understand such a thing happening if you are super rich, with assets going in billions of Indian rupees, but ordinary people with some cash in bank getting into this frivolous oneupmanship game is beginning to grind on me.

It all started with a birthday party I attended a couple of years back, where child was gifted a laptop by his grandparents. Had it been just a gift, I probably would have not minded, but when it was gifted with much fanfare, and then the wrapper was removed in public, I got the general idea. Flaunting your income is so in, here in Delhi!

Once I got clued in these overtures, the instances became hugely glaring. Money seem to dominate most conversations here. It can be anything from ‘oh, I spent about a couple of lacs for the foreign trip’ and ‘This is what I am shelling out to keep my hired staff for domestic help,’ to ‘The other day we just walked into this movie theatre, and bought the most expensive tickets at xxx rupees’. In Delhi, apparently you are only good at how much you earn and how much you pay. If you are not good at both, well sadly, you haven’t arrived.

Sometimes I wonder how our children are influenced by so much f talk about money? Are they too think that they are good only if they have the latest gadgets and the coolest of the games? Things like humility, hard work, empathy for others, and most importantly, kindness, seems to have all disappeared from the lives of the adults, how can the children remain unaffected?

When we visit the shopping malls, which these days are the prime destinations for entertainment, all that we get to see are mindless consumerism, buying things without any purpose, and children dumped with hired helps as the parents shop or catch a movie, or even dine out at the mall restaurant outlets.

Money runs in Delhi’s veins, it’s the singular thing that makes this city what it is, the power capital of the country. Money equals to power here, and even if you don’t have money in spades, you can still boast about what you have, or think you have. It’s how you flex your muscles, it’s how you live in Delhi.


2 thoughts on “In Delhi’s Circles

  1. What a shame that the city and it’ s people leave such a sad taste in your mouth. I think that all over the world people are searching for a way to feel valid and valued and I guess money is the currency.

    Money for me is simply an energetic exchange, if you flash it, I guess that you are crying out to be noticed. I wonder what is fundamentally missing from these peoples lives?

    Keep to your values and notice what you notice, in time it will pass.


    • Hi Jacqui,

      Thanks for stopping by. I so agree with you. Although I love living in Delhi, sometimes its people leave me so frustrated.

      Will show you the nicer side of this city in my next post.



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