Adopt a Stray Pup

Life often throws you many unexpected turns, and one such turn can change your life irrevocably. We live such straight act lives, get up, get ready, go to work, come back, do your familial duties, and then it’s sleep time. Day in day out we live a life surrounding ourselves, what we want, what we like, and what we desire.

I was also one such person, until five teeny tiny lives made me think otherwise. The neighbourhood stray dog gave birth to six puppies. These tiny creatures made me think, and made me care. Yes, about a set of six puppets, about whom no one generally thinks about.


In India, these dogs, mostly known as strays, Indian Dogs, or Rajapalaam, are often found living in extreme neglect. People in the cities often adopt dogs, but only if they are foreign breeds, like German Shepard dogs, Pugs, or Dachunds. No many people even think of adopting a stray. And yet Indian strays, or various mixed breeds of Rajapalayam, and Sighthounds, are one of breeds that take least maintenance and upkeep, and yet are fiercely loyal.


Since the time these puppies have invaded our lives, we have been forced to learn, how to feed them, how to shelter them, how to keep them safe from other stray dogs, and mostly, how to keep them alive. Between me and Smita, my friend, and the local guardian of these pups, it has been a constant struggle. We stay in a housing colony of people who are constantly moving. Keeping stray dogs in such an area is always a problem, bead when we will move out, they will stay, and most likely suffer, as people are known to be quite heartless when it comes to sheltering stray pups.

In cities, the stray dog population is almost always a huge problem, as there are more strays than shelters, and less hands to feed them. These dogs, hungry, and tired, often scavenge in dustbins and waste dumps in search of old, and most of the time, the sea of humans, their neighbours live blissfully unaware of their plights. They are unhealthy, and dirty, sometimes inbreed to give birth to still unhelathier pups, and yet have the capacity to make great pets, given a chance.

Are you a lover of dogs? If you answer yes, most likely you will answer a ‘No’, if I ask you are you a stray frog lover. Have you ever pondered why you are not? What is it about these dogs that put you off? Are you put off by seeing them feed from the dustbins, or are you put off by the fact that they are not high-class enough to become a member of your family? believe me when I say this, that these dogs an become your greatest friends. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you check the Facebook page of The Great Indian Dog Show, Bangalore for numerous people who have adopted these friendly neighbourhood dogs.

I love these puppies, all of three month old, playful, and yet obedient to my commands, especially when I call them for food, or ask them to sit. Now I intend to get them vaccinated, and sterilised at six months of age. And in between, I am searching for a home for them. In case you are interested in keeping one of them as a pet, would love to connect with you.

So if you are in Delhi, and would like to acquire an absolute adorable puppy for free, do tweet me at @Moumita1 or leave a message here, or mail me at Someday, you will be glad that you adopted one. Every one of us who will be adopting a stray Indian Dog, will be part of the citywide effort to keep our neighbourhood free from rabies, right?

I am writing this as a part of ISB IDiya for IndiChange, and if you are interested in donating, may be you can donate to Sonadi Charitable Trust, who conducts sterilisation of stray dogs in Delhi for free.


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