International Women’s Day Sounds Hollow

I got up from my bed, looked into the newspaper today, and found hordes of advertisements wishing women today, for International Women’s Day today. Such compliments galore, and I kept thinking, it’s these men who will be going home and abusing their wives, perhaps in the night.


Today morning I also read in the papers that Every 2 hours, a woman in Delhi is molested or raped ,yes, you can say I had a bright start today morning.

Every day I open the newspapers, and remain shocked, stunned and frozen reading stories of brutality against women and he girl children. From 8 year olds to elderly women, are victims of rapes, abuses, and murders in Delhi. We have protests and activities organised, but at the end of the day, nothing changes. An indifferent authority and an unsympathetic society remains mute as their women suffer.

I have grown up in a family where all the restrictions were for women, don’t wear this, don’t wear that; eat later when males and children have eaten; don’t laugh loud, male members are sleeping; don’t go anywhere without them and the list went on. And yet today, al the women of this family work, and live their own lives as they want. So I cannot really say that conservative attitude does not make women strong. It does. Or is it that we had different personality than others?

Every society has its share of wife beaters, rapists, and molesters, be it India, US, or the Middle East, and they have their own laws and authority to deal with the crimes against women. It’s the fine balance between the society, the criminals, and the authority that keeps women safe. In Delhi, this is tipped against women right now. It’s a long and difficult battle uphill for women, to get something as basic as safety, the right to walk on the streets without feeling afraid. And till the time we get that, I for one, don’t believe in celebrating Women’s Day, do you?


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