Things to do in Delhi

Delhi is an amazing city and in my three years of stay here I have discovered a variety of things to do on holidays, the kinds of which goes more than mall or pub hopping. The more I stay in this awesome city, I am falling in love with the myriad ways the city offers you entertainment. Since my time in Wellington, I have discovered the joy of chronicling my experiences, and this note is only an addition to that.

So, here goes:

Light and sound show at Purana Quila: Titled Ishq e Dilli, this show uses the backdrop of the remnants of the fort as its screen to roll out a history of the city of Delhi in a narration of an hour. Although at times it tends to drag a bit, however, some of the scenes can steal your breath, especially where they show cascading waterfalls and the scene where the quila breaks into rubble. Those moments were absolutely awesome.

Picnic at Lodhi Garden: Lodhi garden is a beautiful place, with historical monuments interspersed with lush greenery. On a winter weekend morning the place is frequented by families having a picnic and a lovely time in general. I was taken by surprise at the decent crowd of people, an occasional guard taking a round and lack of rowdies who often makes picnic spots in India quite unapproachable.

Republic Day Parade at Rajpath: Every year the event is held in front of India gate on January 26, 2011, passes of which is to be collected in advance, preferably the moment they are being issued. The allotted car parks for each kind of passes are albeit quite far from the venue, but on a cold Delhi morning the walk is quite pleasant, and earmarked buses do take you closer to the venue. One must reach quite early to get a seat close to the road, or else you may miss the grandeur of the event due to discomfort of a bad seating or overcrowded surroundings. But if you can look beyond these obvious discomforts and the fact that due to security concerns, you may even not allowed to carry a bottle of water, the event is really an amazing display of India’s military prowess and muscle-flexing that makes all Indians watching proud to be an Indian.

Book Fair At Pragati Maidan: For all Kolkatans, this is certainly not in the scale of Kolkata Book Fair (and I’ll always miss that) but still it’s quite huge, covering four to five exhibition halls inside Pragati Maidan, and will make you pleasantly tired from all that walking around. And of course they offer you a discounted rate on books, and I got some fantastic books for children. Pragati Maidan is quite well connected by the Delhi Metro, the station being right outside the Maidan. There are some permanent refreshment stalls as well.

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